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My passion for clean skincare and  nutrition has led me to create products that are true to nature with ingredients we can pronounce & recognize. As a result our body reacts positively.


Soon after graduating from (IIN) Institute For Integrative Nutrition,

I learned of the the harmful consequences of using some commercial brands & the health concerns with aluminum & chemical based deodorants

& skin care products.


I began a quest to find a natural deodorant (that worked)-there were

none to be found at the time.


I needed to find a solution-I just couldn’t go back to using them.


So off I went to create the healthiest, most beautiful natural deodorant (that works), for men and women.


We are continuously on the search for high-quality, organic plant ingredients that only nature can provide.

At CELESTIAL BODY CARE we co-create with nature, to accentuate the authentic beauty that we all uniquely own.

Once we KNOW BETTER, we can DO BETTER. Naturally.


It is my hope that these products empower people everywhere, to invest in healthier choices for your body, our planet and the future.

🌍 EARTH - Grapefruit | Lavender | Palma Rosa

💨 AIR - Peppermint | Lemon | Tea Tree

🔥 FIRE - Cedarwood | Lemongrass | Bergamot

🌊 WATER - Mandarin | Ylang Ylang | Geranium

⭐️ SPIRIT - Unscented

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